The house


Deep in the heart of Valencia, there is a place where design and creativity embrace each other: Casa Clarita. This architectural jewel conceived and designed by the famous Jaime Hayón, offers a chic refuge for exigent travellers.

At Casa Clarita each detail is carefully considered to create a unique and charming environment. Immerse yourself in luxury and comfort while admiring its unique décor. An unforgettable experience awaits you.

The building was originally owned by a family of glass craftsmen, who inhabited the upper floors and used the lower floors as workshops and shop.

Casa Clarita is home, it is heritage and it is design

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We have bestowed a new life to the building sparing neither effort nor enthusiasm. Casa Clarita is a piece of History of the city and the neighbourhood, a unique accommodation where no two rooms are alike and treasures can be found everywhere. So much so that, each corner is full of distinctive architectural elements, furnished with recovered objects as well as artistic pieces and avant-garde design.

Start exploring from within. Assembling the puzzle, you will perceive where Casa Clarita came from. Discover the house and then understand the area where it is located and the origin of the Valencian character.